Understanding Cat-sitting Services and Hiring the Best


A cat-sitting service is useful if you're going on vacation, or if you simply want someone to take care of your pet during the day. Nearly all cat-sitters provide the same services, but may be also perform more unique tasks, depending on the needs of your pet.


Basic cat pet sitting includes visiting your pet in the day or night, pet the animal and provide basic grooming, feed it and provide clean water, give medicines or any topical medications, take the cat for a walk or to a vet when necessary, and clean the litter box.


Home care can also be included in this service, although not many pet owners know about it. For example, cat-sitters can bring inside your newspapers, mail or packages left at your doorstep. They may also do home security checks, water your plants or bring out the trash. You can also have them open or close your curtains or change them as you wish. It's all a matter of having an agreement, including any changes in the regular cost.


Considering these many advantages to hiring professional cat-sitters from catcuddlesncare.com, you will be happy to know that the overall cost is generally cheap.


Typical services will be in the range of 16-24 USD an hour. This is definitely cheap when compared to a boarding kennel or vet stay. If you're planning to hire a cat-sitter, here are things you should consider:


First off, choose a cat-sitter who is bonded and has liability insurance. Ask your prospects for references and call them. Of course, you must take experience into account, as well as hiring practices if you're dealing with a company. Find out about their disaster plans as relevant to your area (for example, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.) Also inquire about the procedure if your cat has to see a vet. And ensure that both you and your pet are comfortable with the sitter. Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_sitting to know more about pet sitting.


As soon as you have decided on a cat-sitter to hire, there are some things you can do to maximize your benefits from the service. For example, make sure all things the sitter needs to care for your cat are accessible to him - food, leashes, medicines, etc. Also make it a point to put important information (for example, the vet's phone number) in clear view. Remove everything that your cat may end up chewing up - candy, leftover food, etc. Close and lock all doors and windows, and if you have changed any codes or locks, and inform your sitter if you've hired them before.


Not all pet-sitters are created equal, so you have to consider two or three options before you make a final choice. This allows you to compare their charges too. If you were happy with a service you've hired before, call them.